We are a partnership among the people, local governments, and businesses of the 20 Coastal Counties of North Carolina.


To support the common environmental and sustainable economic development interests within the 20 coastal counties through coordinated communication, information sharing, data collection and monitoring, scientific research, and proactive interaction with legislative and executive decision makers at all levels of government.

NC 20 Position Statement:
North Carolina Homeowners Insurance

NC 20 supports fair and accessible homeowner’s insurance rates across the state.

NC 20 supports a stay of the effective date until May of 2011 on the changes made to the Beach Plan and Fair Plan approved by the Department of Insurance Commissioner on November 21, 2008.

NC 20 supports a stay on the effective date until May 2011 on the homeowners insurance rates ordered December 18, 2008 by the Department of Insurance Commissioner.

NC 20 encourages the legislature to appoint a study committee to comprehensively review the NC Insurance System which includes the Rate Bureau, Department of Insurance, NCJUA, and NCIUA.

NC 20 supports the creation of an Insurance Commission similar to the model of the Utilities Commission.

NC 20 supports transparency, accountability and verifiability of the North Carolina insurance system for a higher level of consumer protection.

NC 20 supports the use of actuarial data over modeling.

NC 20 supports statewide rate equity for HO-3 homeowners policies.

NC 20 supports the current maximum coverage limit of $1.5 million under the Beach Plan.

NC 20 supports statewide wind deductibles triggered by named hurricanes and capped at 1% statewide.

NC 20 supports incentive programs and credits for wind damage mitigation

NC 20 does not support a cap on insurer assessments.


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