Another link for today, published in the Salisbury Post this morning, regarding the Insurance Commissioner speaking in Salisbury on the Beach plan.  Take a read and let us know what you think!


The link below is an article that was posted in the News & Observer on August 26th regarding the signing of HB1305 – the Coastal Insurance Bill.  Please take a few minutes to read this article and feel free to give us your feedback.

Below is a message from one of the NC 20 Board Members, Larry Baldwin.  Please take a few minutes to check out the information and links listed below.  As always, comments are welcome!

Attached is the “Heartland” web sites (main site & environmental site) and also the article regarding NOAA temperature gauge stations, both of which are good readings.  I’ve found “Heartland Institute” to be pretty reliable as to factual information, at least I’ve not seen where many of the Phd experts refute their findings.  Their information is readable and understandable, but have many prominent sources for their findings.  There is a wealth of information on their websites.  Please pass this information on to others, so that policies are founded on fact, not hype or fiction. (main site) (environmental site) (NOAA temperature stations & unreliability)

Larry F. Baldwin, CPSS/Sc

NC 20 Welcomes New Members

August 21, 2009

I’d like to welcome the US 17 Association as a member of NC 20. Marc Finlayson, the Executive Director, had worked diligently to advance the cause of the Coastal Corridor.  Even though all of us do not reside directly on US 17, I’m sure you can appreciate the impact it would have if four-laned. It would be a feeder of tourist traffic to anyone even close,especially our beach friends.

Currently, I-95 is the preferred route for most tourist and commercial traffic without direct interest in the coast. If we can divert some of that traffic to the 17 corridor, things would definitely start to improve. Like a friend I hunt with says, “My philosophy is to throw a little lead in the air and hope something flies into it.”

We are in the process of getting an economic impact study done to quantify those perceived benefits, and we’ll share that with all of you when it’s finished. In the meantime, read the linked article below. It shows the continuing frustration of Charlotte over their lack of an “outer belt.” They are putting tremendous pressure on the State DOT and the Governor to complete it. That’s our competition. I wonder why they can’t just take some of the money they have saved on sub-market insurance rates and finish it themselves.